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CoinGames Launches Decentralized Casino Revolutionizing Gambling

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• CoinGames is the first online casino operated exclusively via smart contract.
• The innovative crypto casino’s decentralized version was launched on February 20th, which will significantly change the face of online gambling.
• The migration into the Web3 network brings unprecedented benefits to operators and users alike, especially when it comes to user protection and process facilitation.

CoinGames Launches Decentralized Version

CoinGames.fun is a crypto casino platform that offers over 40 game providers to users all around the world, and is now the very first online casino operated exclusively via smart contract. On February 20th, CoinGames launched its decentralized version, which will revolutionize online gambling.

Benefits of Decentralization

The migration into the Web3 network brings significant benefits to operators and users alike. It offers improved user protection with better data security, as well as smoother and more congenial processes for players who choose CoinGames as their gaming platform. With over 6000 slot and live casino games available, users can enjoy their favorite games with peace of mind knowing their personal data and finances are secure.

User Protection

As the platform operates exclusively via smart contract, users do not need to enter any card details or account information in order to play; instead they can simply use a crypto wallet address in order to access games securely without risk of compromising sensitive information or funds. Additionally, decentralization means that transactions are conducted directly between two parties without a third party intermediary involved – eliminating fees associated with traditional banking methods as well as providing an added layer of security for players‘ assets.

Improved Experience for Players

The launch of Coingames‘ decentralized version improves upon existing features but also introduces new ones such as improved user experience with faster loading times due to blockchain technology being used on-chain rather than off-chain like most other casinos today; increased transparency thanks to blockchain’s immutable ledger system; reliable customer service which is now handled by code rather than human agents; and provably fair gaming which ensures that all outcomes are randomly generated using cryptographic algorithms that cannot be manipulated by either party involved in a transaction (player or operator).


Overall, Coingames’ migration into the Web3 network brings unprecedented advantages to both operators and users alike in terms of data protection while providing an improved experience for players looking for a secure environment where they can enjoy their favorite games without fear of threats from third parties or manipulation from casinos themselves.

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