Crowd Millionaire Review: Is it a Scam? Open An Account Introduction The rise of cryptocurrency is sweeping the globe and everyone wants to be a part. Many platforms have emerged to assist traders in making a profit due to the rising demand. Crowd Millionaire is one such platform. We’ll be taking a closer look Crowd […]

Bitcoin Capital Review – Does it Work? Open An Account Introduction More and more trading platforms are appearing in the cryptocurrency market as the popularity grows. Bitcoin Capital is one of these new platforms that has generated a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrency industry. This review will examine Bitcoin Capital’s history, benefits, risks, customer […]

Tesla Coin Review – Does it Work? Open An Account Introduction Tesla Coin, a relatively new cryptocurrency, has gained popularity in the market. It claims to be a digital currency that works on blockchain technology. This is similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum. We will examine Tesla Coin in detail and assess its potential as an […]

• XLA, a community-driven organization of video game and entertainment industry professionals, has announced ‚Metasites‘ – a modular 3D internet framework leveraging metaverse, cloud, and AI technologies. • Funded with an initial $100M USD, Metasites empowers users to create unique content in virtual worlds using Unreal Engine 5 content. • Features include high fidelity graphics, […]

• CoinGames is the first online casino operated exclusively via smart contract. • The innovative crypto casino’s decentralized version was launched on February 20th, which will significantly change the face of online gambling. • The migration into the Web3 network brings unprecedented benefits to operators and users alike, especially when it comes to user protection […]

• Oasis and Web3 infrastructure company Jump Crypto conducted a „counter-exploit“ against malicious entities to retrieve $140 million worth of assets tied to the Wormhole Bridge exploit. • The exploit was orchestrated by exploiting a security flaw in the Solana-based Wormhole Bridge, resulting in the loss of $325 million. • The High Court of England […]

• PlayDapp has acquired ProudNet, a renowned peer-to-peer server network provider. • This move is seen as an aggressive step towards entering the US gaming market and providing game developers with the best possible technology in terms of stability and reliability for online multiplayer gameplay. • ProudNet’s patented technologies are used by over 200 games […]

• Marc Andreessen, founding partner of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), is now more bullish on Ethereum and Web 3 than Bitcoin. • He believes that crypto and Web3 represent the other half of the internet with its ability to do business across the world on a financial layer of trust. • Andreessen predicted in 2014 a […]

• According to Chainalysis, North Korean hackers stole $1.7 billion worth of crypto in 2022. •DeFi protocols were the biggest victims, accounting for 82% of all digital assets stolen. •March and October had the most activity from hackers, with 32 separate attacks occurring in October alone. Cryptocurrency Theft In 2022 Chainalysis released a report that […]